'Where is Shah Rukh Khan?'

They also asked random TV reporters which hotel SRK is staying in and also where is Salman Khan. It appears that only the Khans matter to the Bollywood fans in Singapore. Some however were patiently waiting outside the hotel for Hrithik Roshan to arrive.

True blue
Dia Mirza sparkled in a bright blue gown at the film premiere and beamed at all the guests with her Colgate smile.
Dia Mirza

Moving away
Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi walked on the green carpet in great style, signing autographs and shaking hands with the waiting crowds. However, their moment of glory dimmed with the arrival of Abhay Deol. The crowds went totally mad rushing toward him instead for autographs and Mr Akhtar and Ms Azmi were forced to move ahead.
Zindagi rules
The presence of Zoya Akhtar makes us wonder if Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara will indeed win the best film award this year. The lady was seen with a foreigner throughout the film premiere.
Remember him?
Wonder what actor Harish (remember he and Karisma debuted together) was seen at the IIFA for? As far as we know, the actor hasn’t seen a camera in a long while. Well, dressed as he was in bright blue shirt, he looked like he wanted to be noticed pretty soon.
‘Bollywood is more than the Bachchans and Kapoors’
Abhay Deol (who was seen with girlfriend Preeti Desai on the green carpet) is totally in his element. He is one of the few stars to arrive early for the awards show, get ready and get to the lobby in time for the event to start. The actor is rocking in his latest release and he knows it. That’s why when a TV news reporter asked him something about his film, he retorted, “Why not? Bollywood is more than the Bachchans and the Kapoors.”
Pics/ Yogen Shah 

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