'This is not the first time I got paid to kiss a girl'

"This is not the first time I got paid to kiss a girl," says actor Arunoday Singh tongue-in-cheek when we draw his attention towards his latest project, which is making news for its steamy scenes.

Tall, handsome, warm and witty, the three-film-old actor says he would murder to bag the role of Batman. `My ultimate dream is to play my favourite superhero,` he says. In a free-wheeling interview, CS gets him talking about Bollywood, women and family. 

Kiss and tell
Contrary to what people might believe, doing a kissing or lovemaking scene isn't as tough as doing an emotional one. Steamy sequences are choreographed by the director, so you just have to follow the moves (laughs). 

An emotional scene is difficult because you need to bare a part of your inner anguish in front of an entire crew. Whenever I think that I might look wooden in an emotional scene, I feel really nervous!

Sexy me
I am very comfortable with my image of a sex symbol. My mom is so proud and amused to know that women find me hot (laughs). The other day I ran into a woman, and she called me 'delicious'. That was such a compliment. 

I always thought I was tasty and she vindicated my confidence (and ego as well). And the best part was, she wasn't a teenager. She was a lady of experience and discerning taste (winks). 

But my sisters are alarmed at my 'sex symbol' status, and tell girls that they can do better in life than find me hot! The other day I was out with my sister, and a girl came and requested for a picture. My sister asked her, `Really, you want a snap with him?` Nothing beats that!

No politics please!
Though I come from a political Rajput family, my parents have always supported me unconditionally (Arunoday is the grandson of late Congress leader Arjun Singh. His father Ajay Singh is leader of the opposition in Madhya Pradesh State Assembly). 

As individuals, mom and dad are pretty free-spirited and quirky themselves. My mom laughs at my on-screen shenanigans, and is at times, a little embarrassed as well. I am sure my latest skin show will have her throwing the paper over her head (laughs out loud). 

Dad also loves seeing his little fellow on the big screen, and gets highly amused when he meets people who know me as an actor. I have no intention of ever joining politics though!

Courtesy: Mid-Day.com

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