10 Male Actors in Bollywood

10 Male Actors in Bollywood

Criteria for determining Top 10 Bollywood Actors (Male) are:-
1. The actor is as good as his last release.
2. Commercial Success: Worldwide and Indian Box Office collections are calculated upon.
3. Critical Acclaim
4. Lead Actor Performances have been taken into account (excluding supporting and negative roles)

  #1 - Aamir Khan
  Movie: 3 Idiots
  Box Office: 385 cr (Worldwide Gross), 202 cr (India Net), 120 cr (Overseas Net)
  Verdict: All-Time Blockbuster
  Critical Acclaim: Positive

  #2 - Salman Khan
  Movie: Bodyguard
  Box Office: 230 cr (Worldwide Gross), 145 cr (India Net), 45 cr (Overseas Net)
  Verdict: Blockbuster
  Critical Acclaim: Mixed

  #3 - Shahrukh Khan
  Movie: Don 2
  Box Office: 215 cr (Worldwide Gross), 108 cr (India Net), 65 cr (Overseas Net)
  Verdict: Super Hit
  Critical Acclaim: Mixed

  #4 - Hrithik Roshan
  Movie: Agneepath
  Box Office: 193 cr (Worldwide Gross), 122 cr (India Net), 28 cr (Overseas Net)
  Verdict: Super Hit
  Critical Acclaim: Positive

  #5 - Ranbir Kapoor
  Movie: Rockstar
  Box Office: 107 cr (Worldwide Gross), 67 cr (India Net), 15 cr (Overseas Net)
  Verdict: Hit
  Critical Acclaim: Positive

  #6 - Imran Khan
  Movie: Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu
  Box Office: 82 cr (Worldwide Gross), 40.5 cr (India Net), 21 cr (Overseas Net)
  Verdict: Average
  Critical Acclaim: Positive

  #7 - Emraan Hashmi
  Movie: Jannat 2
  Box Office: 55 cr (Worldwide Gross), 40 cr (India Net), 3 cr (Overseas Net)
  Verdict: Hit
  Critical Acclaim: Mixed

  #8 - Farhan Akhtar
  Movie: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
  Box Office: 153 cr (Worldwide Gross), 90 cr (India Net), 40 cr (Overseas Net)
  Verdict: Super Hit
  Critical Acclaim: Positive

  #9 - Irrfan
  Movie: Paan Singh Tomar
  Box Office: 20 cr (Worldwide Gross), 15 cr (India Net), 2 cr (Overseas Net)
  Verdict: Above Average
  Critical Acclaim: Positive

  #10 - Akshay Kumar
  Movie: Housefull 2
  Box Office: 180 cr (Worldwide Gross), 114 cr (India Net), 23 cr (Overseas Net)
  Verdict: Super Hit
  Critical Acclaim: Negative

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