Kamal Haasan goes the Hollywood way

Looks like Kamal Haasan is ready to make his Hollywood debut. Sources at the on-going IIFA event in Singapore claim that the actor is ready to make an announcement about a production he is soon to start with Barrie M Osborne, the producer of blockbusters like The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings.

It is known that Osborne wanted to make a film with Kamal for a year or so. He’s been quite impressed with the actor’s films and after his involvement with Vishwaroopam (Osborne is co-producer on the film), he has been wanting to start a project with Kamal as actor and director as well. Some three-four years ago, Kamal was supposed to have started a Hollywood production, an epic big budget film with Walt Disney. However, the recession sort of put a dampener on those plans. Well, it looks like the time has come now.

Sources at IIFA say that Kamal is about to make an announcement in a day or two. In fact Kamal has said some thing to the effect himself at the Vishwaroopam press conference. When somebody asked him about his Hollywood plans and if there was something definite in the offing, the actor laughed and answered, “Sure, I hope so. Once Barrie Osborne is here, we could divulge some more of our plans.” Known for his big budget blockbusters, this production could well be Kamal’s most expensive film so far — although right now it is Vishwaroopam that takes that title.
On Sonakshi, Deepika refusing his film

When Kamal Haasan had launched Vishwaroopam, Sonakshi Sinha was the original choice. After an initial yes, she opted out. Later there was buzz that he had Deepika Padukone on his mind due to the action sequences but she, too, declined the offer. When asked about stars refusing roles, Kamal says, “Actors have the right to refuse. I suppose it gives them a sense of position. It is their prerogative and I suppose it gives you great copy. However, let me clarify that, yes some names were indeed suggested to us, but their dates did not work out. As an actor, I have myself refused many good films. It is because I didn’t realise how good the film was till it released. That’s why actors should read scripts before rejecting films.”

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