Poonam Pandey on a boozy ride for 'Nasha'

"When the celebrations began, I was already in Nasha," chuckled Poonam Pandey on shooting her tereal life prty to be part of her film Nasha.

"Our director Amit Saxena has come up with an idea to include few portions of the party in the movie. Everyone is enjoying including the crew and I am excited about it," said Poonam.

On being asked about the innovative idea, Poonam said, "My director wants to keep the drink scenes real in the film and it wouldn't have been better than our 31st party celebration. I guess it's like the Hollywood movie Hangover."

"Its also done to make our film more real as it deals with Nasha. I am enjoying too much and I am already high so didn't think about my New Year resolution," concluded Poonam.

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