Day 2: 'Bigg Boss 6' house-mates get cozy

Aashka a common friend to Rajev and Delnaaz is seen providing shoulder to the estranged couple by sharing a light hearted joking session with Rajev and alongside having heartfelt conversations with Delnaaz.
Day 2 in 'Bigg Boss 6' house
During this, Delnaaz mentions that she is over Rajev and he is like any ordinary man to her. On the other hand, Kashif is looking at every opportunity to get cozy with Karishma and this is very evident when Kashif calls Karishma a ‘fresh fruit in the garden of Eden’. But it also seems that his nature is getting annoying for the other housemates who are making fun of his cheesy lines (like above) and infuriating conversations.
Kashif having sensed some bitterness from Rajev’s side mentions to Aseem that Rajev has created confusion between him and Karishma which has spoiled their friendship. However, all’s well in Kashif’s paradise as in the end, the self proclaimed charmer manages to win back Karishma’s friendship.
Day 2 also witnessed the first fight between a celebrity and the common man. Kashif accused Urvashi of being rude to him and pointed out that by doing this she was being rude to the entire aam janta. This got on Urvashi’s nerves who point blank denied it by justifying that just because she is a known face that doesn’t mean she is not a part of the aam janta!

Another pair that is bonding in the house is Sidhu and Rajev. During one of their sessions, Sidhu promises Rajev that he will take the onus of getting Delnaaz and him together again. To further this cause, Sidhu praises Rajev in front of Delnaaz and vouches for the genuine love to her. In the meanwhile, Sapna in the confession room confesses that of all the housemates, she likes Aseem as her wavelength matches his perfectly. In the midst of all this bonding, Niketan’s birthday surprise brings a smile on everyone’s.
While Niketan is called in the confession room by Bigg Boss, everyone decorates the house using birthday material provided by Bigg Boss which included some birthday caps, balloons, a message board for wishes. Being a cartoonist, Aseem is asked by Bigg Boss to make a painting as a gift from all the housemates. At the end of the day, Bigg Boss announces a 24 hour weekly task which is bound to keep the housemates on their feet throughout the night and well into the day.

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