Sher vs Tiger: Himesh dumps Salman Khan's arch enemy Vivek Oberoi

Buzz is that the reason could lie with Salman Khan's arch enemy Vivek Oberoi joining the cast of Soham Shah's film 

Looks like nothing is more important to Himesh Reshammiya than honouring his friendship with Salman Khan. And that's apparently the reason why he has walked out of Soham Shah's upcoming film Sher, after Vivek Oberoi recently joined the cast. 

A source informs, `Himesh has decided not to do the music for the film as Vivek has joined the cast. When Himesh was signed, he was told that it would star Sonu Sood along with Sanjay Dutt.` 

Himesh is known to hold Sanjay Dutt in high regard and he was apparently doing this film because Dutt had recommended his name. However, when Himesh came to know during the shooting schedule of Sher in Rajasthan that Vivek had joined the cast he wanted to opt out. However, he kept quiet because of Dutt.`

Final straw
The source also states that the matter apparently became worse when Vivek was quoted saying that Sher is bigger than Tiger (Salman's latest release is Ek Tha Tiger). 

The source adds, `He wanted to opt out then and there. The makers wanted Himesh to deliver the final song for them but he is not going to do that. He has finally decided to walk out of the film as he did not want to work with Vivek at all.` In spite of repeated calls, Himesh did not revert to our SMSes. 

In the past...
The rivalry between Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi started when Vivek called a press conference at his residence in 2003, accusing Sallu of threatening him. Ever since that, Salman and Vivek cannot see eye to eye. Later, Vivek even made a few attempts to extend an olive branch but Sallu remained unaffected. 


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